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Visa Europe is a payments business. By making payments easier, we bring more speed, security and simplicity to consumers, retailers and businesses, banks, other payment service providers and governments.

Everyone knows the Visa brand; Visa cards are accepted at millions of places worldwide. But, who we are as a company is not so well understood.

We are the European payment system, wholly owned, controlled and operated by more than 4,000 members – banks and other payment service providers, from 36 countries across Europe.

We provide the brand, systems, services and rules that help make electronic payments between millions of European consumers, retailers and businesses and governments happen. What we don’t do is issue Visa cards ourselves – this is done by our members.

Visa Europe’s headquarters are in London. We also have offices in Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Reading, Stockholm and Warsaw.