A Day in the Life of a Security Analyst

8 days ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

One thing is for certain, when it comes to defining a day in the life of a security analyst, unpredictability is the only factor one can expect. The job of an analyst requires an all-round awareness that accounts for what has been, current situation and what could occur, thus the first order of business for a security analyst starting his or her day is a hand-over of activity and information f...


Data Protection Jobs in the UK

23 days ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

With UK and European businesses gearing up for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to land in May 2018, the demand for those skilled in data protection is growing. Data Protection Officers (DPOs) are high on the priority list for hiring managers of private sector organisations handling the monitoring and regulation of data subjects on a large scale. Though data protection jobs wi...


Network Security Jobs in the UK

23 days ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

Jobs in network security have gathered pace in terms of demand since the WannaCry ransomware attack that targeted the UK’s NHS in May. Bringing that aspect of cybersecurity into the public consciousness, corporate networks are susceptible to breaches most typically via their endpoints, or in laymen’s terms, commonly portable devices such as laptops, smartphones and printers. As the Internet of...


Working in Technology Audit

about 2 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

Technology Audit has taken on a whole new meaning as the advent of robotics, automation and cognitive technology has revolutionised the auditing process. The changes brought about by artificial intelligence and its complex tools allows auditors to process larger amounts of data far more efficiently and precisely, in order to deliver detailed, high quality audits and give deeper insights to tho...


Working in InfoSec

about 2 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

The realm of Information Security or InfoSec as it is more commonly known holds an array of possibilities for those wishing to work within its domain. Rooted in a desire both to understand how things work as well as for the necessary industry standards and the field itself, InfoSec requires candidates who can demonstrate their commitment via self-sought practical experience with non-work proje...


IT Audit Careers in Asia Pacific

about 2 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

The market for IT audit jobs in Asia Pacific is undoubtedly candidate-driven, not least because the competition for this professional skillset is so highly in demand across several sectors of business. As demands from regulators increase and the threat of cyber-attacks weaves itself firmly into everyday reality, case in point the recent global ransomware attack, those individuals skilled in ar...


A Candidate’s Guide to IT Audit

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

A career in IT Audit requires candidates to be fluent in an organisation’s accounting and information systems as they assess whether the internal controls in place are robust enough to keep those systems running efficiently and fluidly. The role of the IT Auditor demands a continual evaluation of those unseen infrastructures operating behind the scenes, in addition to the organisation’s polici...


The State of Cybersecurity

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

The hot topic in current news is undoubtedly cybersecurity-centric following the global ransomware attack bringing the need for tougher data security measures into the spotlight. The hope certainly is to “refocus IT attention on updating security infrastructure and procedures” according to a report by analysts at Wedbush with business expenditure on cyber protection set to increase by 10% in B...


A Candidate’s Guide to Cybersecurity

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

Cybersecurity candidates are a must-have on the ‘to hire’ list for internal recruiters and HR departments in all manner of companies globally. There is an overwhelming skills gap and deficit of skilled workforce in this area which is threatening to magnify as time marches on. For men and women wishing to pursue a career in cybersecurity, there are key considerations to be mindful of as you mov...


Working as a Cyber Security professional in New York

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

New York is home to some of the most exciting tech brands in the world, boasting the likes of Facebook, Google, Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Amazon. Manhattan has defined itself as a hub for technology with its plethora of industries and start-ups. The city is rife with tech opportunity and growth for those aspiring for a career in cyber security.    As one of the top five major metros for...


Gender Inequality and Cybersecurity

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

Cybersecurity, a sector of the technology industry, is at first glance a complicated matrix of codes and technical jargon inhabited by spec-toting nerds carrying laptops and is only accessible via male prerogative and gender-biased nepotism. At least that is, in some cases, the general perception and one the industry’s “spin-doctors” need to overturn if they are to make any headway in filling ...


UK Cybersecurity Jobs Post-Brexit

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

The fall-out from Brexit truthfully still remains to be seen, an outcome that could take years before the proverbial mask is lifted, however UK businesses are putting measures in place in the aftermath of Article 50 being triggered. For the UK tech sector, and cybersecurity in particular, Brexit poses merely another issue to the overwhelming skills gap afflicting the industry with vacancies fo...


The European Market for Cybersecurity

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

It goes without saying that there is currently a high demand for cybersecurity professionals in Europe as the digitisation of business grows at an ever faster pace and the gap in talent supply widens. Security strategist, data privacy consultant and cyber defence advisor, Cameron Brown (@AnalyticalCyber), who is currently based out of Frankfurt in Germany, identified the market trends affectin...


EU GDPR proof your career

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

With little over a year to go before the EU GDPR comes into effect, for those working in compliance and regulatory roles, the need to know how the new regulation will affect data protection and thus their jobs is crucial.    It goes without saying that irrespective of the looming EU GDPR enforcement date, set for 25 May 2018, organisations should be practicing safe data management and pr...


EU GDPR and Data Protection Officers

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

With the way data has exploded both within its own microcosm of technological advancements and on a global scale demanding organisations worldwide revolutionise the way they do business, it was inevitable that regulatory measures would mirror its evolution. The transfer of data, not only inter-departmentally but across international boundaries has become as commonplace as post-work drinks, wit...


Cybersecurity Skills for 2017

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

Not enough people understand the value of practicing good cybersecurity strategies to protect their personal data, and surprisingly the same is still true of many businesses. Perhaps not too surprising when we consider the big name breaches making world news, most devastatingly the $1 billion Yahoo accounts breached just last year. The gap for cybersecurity professionals is a critical one for ...


Cybersecurity Jobs and the US

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

The home of Silicon Valley and an intrinsic destination for technology dreams to be turned into reality, the US has undoubtedly established itself a hub for international professionals seeking opportunity, not least in the tech industry and cybersecurity sector. However, with President Trump’s executive order of 18 April 2017 looking to threaten the access between foreign workers and US compan...


Cybersecurity Interview 101

3 months ago by CareersinCyberSecurity

A job interview is just as much a chance for the interviewer to delve deeper into your personality as it is for you to demonstrate what makes you the ideal candidate for the role in question. When it comes to cybersecurity, who you are and how you handle certain scenarios is equally as important as what you know and your level of experience and expertise within your field.    Preparing f...